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FAQ | Chrysanthemum & Edelweiss
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General Caveat

While we exert utmost effort to ensure the most optimally running watch whenever we sell, it is incumbent upon us to stress the difference between vintage watches and current modern watches.

Vintage watches are charming collectible machines, some with the most amazing stories behind them but do not buy vintage if you merely need a reliable timepiece, there are more appropriate modern and brand new pieces for that purpose. These are less accurate by today’s standards and may be devoid of the new technologies of modern horology. One also has to be prepared to care for these more demanding machines as their respective eras will have missed out on some features that are now basic to any current manufactures. Some will have no shock-proofing, some can get magnetized quite easily and none of them should be considered as waterproof, even if they were designed as dive watches.

Another warning that needs to be issued is that collecting vintage watches can be quite addictive. Despite the caveat above, the style, the story, the beguiling charm of vintage watches will always win over individuals who delight in things that are unusual and unavailable in even the most high-end of modern retailers.

All watches for sale in this site will have had a minimum of a movement cleaning service. That being said, it is the buyer’s responsibility if he/she so wishes to make it run and look even better than how I was able to send it off as.

Service histories before ours will be generally unknown, but we shall describe the watch as accurately as we can and indicate any “touching” that we will have done, such as reluming, repainting of hands, and replacement or polishing of crystals.



We ship all over the world via DHL with fully disclosed prices and insurance. Shipping with full insurance is free for all items over $400 and is $40 for items below that amount. Customs fees at destination will be for the account of the buyer.



We allow returns within 3 days after date of delivery if not satisfied. Return shipping is at buyer’s cost and must include insurance. Watch must be returned in the same condition as when shipped from us. Refund can be through a store credit or in full.

About Us

The principal iconographies of the main watchmaking powers, which comprise our logo, are both flowers. This, to us, is symbolic of what vintage wristwatches are, beautiful, each one with unique characteristics and something we need to stop for, and appreciate. After all, it tells us the most valuable thing we have, Time.
While we are purveyors of vintage watches primarily (and we have a loose definition of vintage in that it be at least around 20 years old.) We do not look down on quartz or watches with modern technology and appreciate them as markers of horological history.
In this post-modern age, we have created a category for small watches without clearly denoting gender as some of the watches currently considered small were actually fine timepieces for distinguished gentlemen and we have far more respect for historical intention than present fashion sensibilities.

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