Nivada Compensamatic


The Story
Nivada is one of the most underrated brands in vintage horology. Founded in Grenchen, Switzerland, it was among the first to make extreme weather watches that could compete with the first Rolex Explorers and Omega Seamasters of that time. Due to some deft legal maneuvers, they had to split their branding in the huge U.S. market as Movado got a ruling to bar the use of their name as it was supposed to too closely resemble their brand. They are also known as Croton, Croton Nivada, or Nivada Grenchen.

This hand-wound Compensamatic with its classic design and hobnail markers evoke the Patek Calatrava. The dial has aged to a pleasing even Chardonnay tone. The crown is signed as well as the movement.

Nivada Compensamatic
35mm plated case
17 Jewels Nivada signed mechanical movement

The case has some of the usual plating loss at the rear side

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